With a Good Book

Why start this blog?  I do believe that with a good book you are never alone and always have something to do.  If that were my only reason, this would be a very short blog.

My niece, Gigi, although she doesn’t know it, started me down this path.  She is having a baby and I was invited to her baby shower.  I looked over her baby registry and all those items looked boring!  So I decided to do what I always do buy a book.  After all, I think I am her “Crazy Aunt Robin” who always gives books for gifts.

I asked my family for two books suggestions: a book they liked when they were very young and a book they liked when they were in middle school.  Armed with their suggestions I went to the bookstore.  I went with no adult supervision to buy her a few books for her gift.

After an hour or so, my husband called and told me to limit my purchases to 10 books.  Too late!  I was on my way home with over 20.  I had such a good time picking them out for her and her son, Elijah!  When I arrived home and looked at the array of books, I was stunned! How was I going to tell her about all these great books and what they meant to us? At a shower I would have 5 minutes to tell her about each and every precious book I selected.  If I had the time to tell her about each one, she would never remember what to tell Elijah about them.  Also, what was I going to call this seemingly random assortment of books. Solution! I decided that Elijah was receiving a “Little Library” and I wrote him a little book about all the books.

I did have the opportunity to talk it through with my niece.  She laughed and shook her head.  Her husband, Jacob said they needed a bigger bookshelf.  I said it was a good idea to plan ahead.  Elijah will always need more books.

I had so much joy in preparing Elijah’s book about the books he was receiving!  While I was writing it, my family told me that I need to write a blog about children’s books.  They think I know something about them.  Aren’t they wonderful!

After some consideration, I thought I would.  Ergo you have my random ramblings about books.  I try never to be without a good book.  With a good book, I am never alone, I always have something to do, I can go anywhere and I can do anything!


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