If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Book cover If You Give a Mouse a CookieIf You Give a Mouse A Cookie
Laura Joffe Numeroff
Illustrator: Felicia Bond
New York: Scholastic, 1985

This is Alexis’ early favorite. She thought it was so funny, we giggled right through the entire book.  Who would think giving a mouse a cookie could be such hard work!  The little boy in the book is exhausted by the end of the story.

When I asked my family for suggestions for Elijah’s library, I put them on the spot.  They didn’t have time to examine the reasons behind their selections. I think they came from memory and connection to feelings. This evening, Alexis was standing beside me rereading her book as I wrote.  She commented, “I love this book!”  I asked her why.  She loves it for the reason most of us do, because one thing leads to another thing in an unexpected, silly string.

After you finish giving a mouse a cookie, you can give a moose a muffin, a pig a pancake and other fun feedings. If you have a young person, who enjoys a silly story, read one of these together.

Laura Joffe Numeroff

It says a lot about a person when their three favorite possession growing up were a microscope, a 64 count box of crayons and a library card.  As a young person, Laura loved to read, write, sing, dance, science, and stamp collecting.  She illustrated her own stories and made books covers for them.

She thought to follow her sister’s example and go into design, but found it wasn’t really her calling. Nearing the end of her college career, she took a course on “Writing & Illustrating Children’s Books”1.  She wrote and illustrated a book and fell in love with writing all over again. Thank goodness!

Take a look at these great interviews with and stories about Ms. Numeroff.


Felicia Bond

Felicia knew at age five that art was her calling when “…she observed a beam of light coming in her bedroom window.”² She was influenced by Ludwig Bemelmans (Madeleine), Garth Williams (Stuart Little) and Charles Schulz (Peanuts). If You Give a Mouse a Cookie was her first collaboration with Laura Numeroff and look where it has taken them!

She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin!  Who knew?  She now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She likes to discretely work the names of her family and pets into her illustrations. Can you find them in her books?

Here are some excellent articles about Felicia.



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