The Very Hungry Catepillar

Book Cover: The Very Hungry CatepillarThe Very Hungry Caterpillar
Eric Carle
New York: Scholastic, 1969

Look where playing with a hole puncher will get you! As I was reading up on Eric Carle , I found an article in which he mentioned that the idea for writing this story started with paper and a hole puncher.  I am getting out a hole puncher and some paper tonight!  I don’t think I will come out with a masterpiece of children’s literature (Sigh!).

This is Sarah’s suggestion for Elijah’s Little Library.  I think she liked the line, “But he was still hungry.”  As I read through the book again tonight, I remember how we’d count the holes and repeat, “But he was still hungry.” We did this with great enthusiasm.  We marveled at the fantastic appetite of this small insect.  “Look!” we would say.  “Look, how fat he is!”  We get to the end and wonder at the beautiful butterfly the little caterpillar had become.

These dazzling drawings led us through the life cycle of the butterfly.  I wonder, if Sarah knew she was having a science lesson?

Eric Carle

Eric was born in 1929 in Syracuse, New York.  He moved with his family to Germany when he was six. He always wanted to move back to the United States so in 1952, he arrived in New York.  Did he start illustrating children’s books right away?  No, he worked as a graphic designer for different advertising agencies.  Was The Very Hungry Caterpillar the first children’s book he illustrated?  No, Bill Martin, Jr. saw a something in one of his advertising pictures and asked him to illustrate the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  Thank you, Bill!

Here’s some articles about this author you might like to read or watch.


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