I Am a Bunny

I am a bunny book coverI Am a Bunny
Ole Risom
Illustrated by Richard Scarry
New York: Golden Books, 1963.

Happy Mother’s Day!  On May 8, 1983, I was very pregnant!  My due date, established by my doctor, was April 15 and I had been waiting and waiting for Alexis! I really wanted to be a mother with a baby in my arms on Mother’s Day of 1983.  Alas, Alexis decided to make her appearance a day later. She was worth the wait.  She was and is my beautiful, precious daughter. This year the same timing exists, Mother Day on Sunday, May 8th and Alexis’ birthday on Monday, May 9th.

It was scary to be a new Mom, but being able to snuggle up with my baby and read to her was comforting for both of us. This was the first book that Jim and I had for her.  Thinking back, I  remember reading this book  to both Alexis and Sarah.  I have asked the girls, if they remember me reading this book to them and they don’t.  It’s not surprising as I read it to them when they were tiny.

This book is about Nicholas the Bunny and the seasons of his year.  The images in this book are bright and colorful and contrary to some of Richard Scarry’s other illustrated books not so busy.  I was looking for our copy, but I am afraid it was too well used and we no longer have a copy of it.

I did include this book in Elijah’s little library.  I wonder why this one book sticks so forcefully in my memory.  It was written well past the time, when my parents would have read it to me. I have read many books to the girls and I remember some and not others.  I think it has the echos of a childhood memory for me.  When I read this book, it makes me think of a song about the seasons I learned in kindergarten long ago.  The words are given below.  I actually remember how to sing it! If you ever see me and want to put me on the spot, you can ask me to sing it for you.

Sing a song of seasons, something bright in all.
Flowers in the summer, fires in the fall.
Sparkling snow in winter, bird songs in the spring.
Gifts of Mother Nature bright in everything.

Ole Risom 

He was one of the most influential publishers of mass-market books for children. He worked at Random House specialized in publishing inexpensive books for preschoolers.¹ If you have time take a minute to read about this man.  He was from Copenhagen.  He joined the US Army and was in the Ski Patrol during World War II.

Richard Scarry

I have to say, along with all the other people who say it, that he is one of the most beloved children’s illustrators. He studied at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts.  He must have learned some great things as his books are noted for being crammed with illustrations that are beloved by toddlers.² His books are still in print.

Things to read about Richard Scarry!



¹Ole C. Risom, Publisher of Children’s Books:

²Richard Scarry Children’s Book Author and Illustrator Dies:



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