How Bed Time Rolled At Our House

Spiderwort FlowerToday I had the great pleasure of spending the day with my oldest daughter, Alexis.  With cameras in hand we went to Becker Vineyards to photograph the vines and the lavender.  From there we went onto the Wildseed Farm.  We saw and photographed so many gorgeous flowers.  I enjoyed spending this time with her.  It is something we don’t get to do often.  While we were together, we talked about books we liked. She is a prolific reader.

My thoughts were still with her this evening as I started this blog.  She’s an adult now, but I still remember when she was my little one.  It was comforting for both of us to end our day snuggled up on the bed reading books.  In very poor verse, here is how bedtime rolled at out house long ago.

How Bed Time Rolled at Our House

Bath time is over she’s ready for bed,
It’s time for “What shall be read?”
A game we know well begins to be played,
Perhaps tonight’s bedtime can be delayed.
I look on her bed and what do I spy?
A stack of ten books standing by!
Looking from stack to smirking child,
I keep my voice mirthful and mild.
A compromise must be made,
We both know how this game is played.
I look at the girl, I look at the stack.
I will read one put the others back.
With a downcast look,
She removes one book.
My eyebrows raised, she moves two others,
Her cherubic look doesn’t fool her mother.
For this girl it would be heaven,
If I would read to her all seven.
Alas dear child the time draws near,
No more than three let me be clear!
With a beatific smile upon her face
All but three are put in place.
With chosen books we snuggle in,
Blankets drawn up to her chin.
The first book is one we’ve read many times,
We read it together practicing the rhymes!
The second book is fun and new to us,
I read it twice without a fuss.
By number three we are nearly asleep,
A wonderful book, we’ve this copy to keep.
I leave her this night with a kiss on the head.
Asleep with her books all nestled in bed.


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