Reading Report from Northern Central Texas: May 2016

Stack of booksFollowing up on last month’s wildly popular Reading Report from Northern, Central Texas, I give you the report for May.  Here’s what we’ve been reading!

Stop, wait, hold the presses!  I have been informed by my husband that we are not in northern, central Texas.  We are in central, central Texas!  In stead of being a wisehheimer, I must be accurate. So next month, you will get the Reading Report from Central, Central Texas (No we didn’t move, just clearing up a minor bit of geography!) or maybe it should be from Deep in the Heart of Central Texas or Midmost, Central Texas.  I will work on it.


Sarah is reading a book on her phone/tablet.  She enjoys reading on a portable device so she has reading material with her wherever she is. Recently she finished The King of Austin  written by her friend John Thomas.  She is also reading Echo in which a harmonica plays a role it the plot.

  • Thomas, John. The King of Austin. Austin, TX: Treaty Oak Publishers, 2016.
  • Ryan, Pam Muñoz. Echo. New York: Scholastic Press, 2015.


Alexis has been finishing up a couple of books that have been in her reading pile.  As I have said in other posts, she is a prodigious reader. In the last week, she finished two books by Rick Riordan.  This is good as I have been waiting to borrow them from her. Sarah bought her a book from a school book fair so Alexis is reading Down a Dark Hall.   It sounds creepy.  It should be right up Alexis’ alley.

On Audible, she is listening to Theft of Swords. She still likes to have someone read to her!

  • Riordan, Rick. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.  Book 1: The Sword of Summer. New York: Disney♦Hyperion, 2015.
  • Riordan, Rick. The Trials of Apollo. Book 1: The Hidden Oracle. New York: Disney♦Hyperion, 2016.
  • Duncan, Lois.  Down a Dark Hall. New York: Little, Brown and Company, 1974.
  • Sullivan, Michael J. Theft of Swords, Volume 1 Riyria Revelations. New York: Orbit, 2011.


Jim is reading Deathwave on his tablet.  It is the sequel to New Earth and it looks to be a part of the “Star Quest Trilogy”.  Jim has always enjoyed science fiction.  Ben Bova is one of his favorite authors.

  • Bova, Ben. Deathwave.  New York: TOR Books, 2015.


If you look at the picture on this post, you will see the stack of books I have used or read this month.  I included the Wildflowers of Texas book as we have been enjoying the Texas wildflowers and have been using this reference book. This must have been Alexis first birthday gift to her Daddy.  I just looked on the inside cover and there’s a note: “To Daddy, Happy Birthday, Love Alexis, 7/85”.

I finished the Sheri S. Tepper book.  I picked it up on the recommendation of a colleague and it was a fine, rich read.

I have been on a small mission to read more widely.  Last time we went to Half Price Books, I went armed with the list of the 100 best science fiction novels.  As I gravitate toward fantasy books, I deliberately chose one that was more straight science fiction. I think now it would be called cyber-punk.  Neuromancer  introduced the world to cyberspace.

I spent four days at home with pneumonia.  The best thing I can say about that episode is that I only felt well enough to read.  Alexis loaned me a series about a “cassandra sangue”, a blood prophet.  Girls with this ability speak prophecy, whenever their skin is cut.  Humans are not in control of the world and never have been in this alternate universe.

Last night, I read a little late and finished Six of Crows.  This is a fantasy heist book.  The characters are intriguing.  A job that would be nearly impossible for security forces and armies is contracted out to a thief/con man and his crew.  Rich rewards await, if they succeed.

  • Ajilvsgi, Geyata. Wildflowers of Texas. Bryan, TX: Shearer Publishing, 1984.
  • Tepper, Sheri S. Six Moon Dance.  New York, Avon, 1998.
  • Gibson, William.  Neuromancer. New York: Ace Books, 1984.
  • Bishop, Anne.  Written in Red. New York: ROC Book, 2013.
  • Bishop, Anne. Murder of Crows. New York: ROC Book, 2014.
  • Bishop, Anne.  Vision in Silver.  New York: ROC Book, 2015.
  • Bardugo, Leigh. Six of Crows. New York: Henry Hold and Company, 2015.

Summer is coming!  Have you chosen your summer reads?


One thought on “Reading Report from Northern Central Texas: May 2016

  1. Yes to Sheri Tepper! I think I’ve read everything she’s written – the Gate to Women’s Country is my favorite. Least science fiction, by top of the Tepper list nonetheless.


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