Sheep in a Jeep/Sheep Go to Sleep

SheepJeepShaw, Nancy
Illustrator: Margot Apple
Sheep in a Jeep. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1986

Shaw, Nancy
Illustrator: Margot Apple
Sheep Go to Sleep. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2015

I love words!  I love rhyming words.  I learned about these sheep books after Alexis and Sarah were grown up and I was shopping for my preschool class.  Baby Elijah, did you know I taught preschool?  I bought many great books to share with my class.

You can read about a sheep in a shop or a jeep,
or about scary monsters that jump out and creep.
Visit your library for books with rhymes,
I have done this a thousand times.
Read, read, read, read a book with rhymes,
Morning, noon or late until the clock 11 chimes.

No digression here, back to the sheep!  These sheep are so silly!  Nancy Shaw tells their stories in rhymes.  So your little library has Sheep in a Jeep and Sheep Go to Sleep. At my house, I have Sheep in a Jeep, Sheep in a Shop and Sheep on Ship.  If you come to visit me, perhaps I can read one of them to you.  I don’t have a copy of Sheep Go to Sleep.  I really enjoyed reading Sheep Go to Sleep before I gave it to you.   I might have to buy a copy for my own library.  The dog in this story reminds of our dog, “Krum”.  She used to get so worn out “shepherding” Alexis and Sarah.  You might like to check out some of the other sheep books from the public library.

There are many benefits of reading rhyming books with kids; practicing patterns and improving memorization skills, recognizing rhythms, increasing phonological awareness and phonetic ability are just a few¹.  All those are good reasons, but my favorite is that rhyming is fun.  The words bump, tumble and trip off your tongue.  Rhymes are wonderful.

My Reading Rhyming Day
I read sitting in the morning sun,
A comedy or tragedy or maybe a pun.
A book with a murder I read at lunch,
I wonder who did it? Here’s my hunch.
Before dinner with my apéritif,
I sit down to read about a clever thief.
Snuggled up in my bed in the dark, quiet night,
I bury myself in a book about a lively sprite.

Nancy  Shaw

This author has always loved words.  She loves the library.  She remembers that her family played word games on long car drives.  A boring trip in a car with her children led to the first story about five funny fleeced friends. You can read more about this author on these websites.

Margot Apple

Margot didn’t grow up with many books in her home, but she was able to view them at the Detroit public library!  Hip! Hip! Hooray for the public library! She has worked as a potter, greeting-card designer, school bus drive, shop attendant, nurse’s aide, cook and teacher’s aide.  She prefers to create pen-and-ink or penciled line drawings tinted with soft watercolor washes. You can see her use this technique in the sheep books.² Here are some websites to find out more about this illustrator.




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