I Was So Mad

I Was So Mad book coverMayer, Mercer. I Was So Mad. New York: A Golden Book

My friend, Lisa had a great idea.  She said that all you needed from a baby shower was books and Target gift cards.  When her baby shower rolled around I took myself off to Target to shop.  Alexis was with me. We were meandering our way through the store browsing the books, when she said,  “Mom! You have to buy this one. It is one of my favorites!”  I asked her why it was her favorite.  She remembered that Little Critter “was so mad” he was running away from home.  She remembered that he was taking toys and some cookies. I think at some point in her life she thought this was sensible.  At other times she wondered how far they would take him.  What else could you possibly ever need but toys and cookies?

I am sitting here looking at the picture of Little Critter on the front of our old battered copy of this book. I remember seeing that expression on a couple of little faces.  As a parent how can you avoid making your own children “so mad”? I am glad their mads didn’t last long.  It takes too much energy to be mad.

I have much fonder memories of snuggling up with Alexis and then with Sarah to read this book to them.  I would read one page and then we would read the “I was so mad” together.  We would read those four words with as much feeling as we could and then we would giggle.  We sympathized with Little Critter.  He really was having a bad day and running away seemed his only solution. Fortunately, he was distracted by his friends before he left his front yard.  At our house we all remember this book fondly.  Isn’t that the way it should be?

Two little girls to snuggle before bed
Tell me what are the stories to be read?
Little Critter and crew
or shall we try something new?
We’ll read while you lay down your head.





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