In Celebration of National Grandparents Day

songanddanceAckerman, Karen. Song and Dance Man.  Stephen Gammell, Illustrator. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1988.

Today is a day we celebrate our Grandparents!  It is a recent holiday, established in 1978 to be the first Sunday after Labor Day.  Although there are plenty of cards to send to your Nana and Grandpa, the holiday has three specific purposes¹.

  1. To honor grandparents
  2. To give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children’s children (I didn’t know you needed a special day for this!)
  3. To help children become aware of the strength, information and guidance older people can offer

This book is a loving remembrance of a Grandpa. How the children in this story will remember their sweet Grandpa. He was a vaudevillian!  An old soft shoe man!  He showed his special love for his children’s children by providing them with his story.  He shared with them the old songs, the old dances, the stories and jokes. As they grow, they will remember.

grandmas2Here is a picture I found this morning when I was getting ready for this post.  I am in my Mom’s arms.  Standing with us is my Grandma and her Grandma.  We are Robin, Geraldine (Jerrie), Genevieve and Edna posing for a photo in 1954. I remember my Nana.  She was wonderful. I remember walking to the corner bakery with her to pick up pastries for breakfast.  I remember climbing up in her bed and discussing the day with her.

She and my Mom loved fashion.  I think my Nana would have like to be an interior designer.  I remember she and my Mom drove all over Dallas to find just the right lights for Mom’s bedroom.  They had such fun.

I have a memory of my Nana sitting at a desk talking on the telephone in her house. It was the desk where she did her business and kept her bills. I have this desk and I think about her whenever I pass it.

I hope that all of you have good memories of your grandparents.  Please remember to share those memories with your children.


Some Grandpas dance and some Grandmas sing,
I always thought they could do anything!
Some Grandmas are serious, some Grandpas are silly,
They come in all sizes and temperaments really.

I loved my Nana, her hair white with blue,
She watch me grow and loved me too.
My Grandpa was quiet and humble and sweet,
Our trips to the zoo were a special treat.

I honor their memories with stories I share,
With Alexis and Sarah and told with some flare.
From them flowed wisdom, guidance and grace,
I remember them lovingly here in this place.



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