The Grim Legacy

thegrimmlegacyShulman, Polly.  The Grim Legacy.  New York: Puffin Books, 2010.

This is a book that my daughter, Sarah bought for me.  She thought I would like a book base on fairy tales and she was right!  Thank you, Sarah!

This is an amusing riff on “What if magic is real.”  Who would collect all the magical artifacts from fairy tales and other tales of magic? Warehouse 13? Well they might get some competition from the New York Circulating Material Repository.  Just think, a library for magic items! This illustrious institution loans artifacts to patrons for a small cost: your first-born child or your sense of direction or some other personal item.  You get your deposit back as long as you return the magical item intact with all its attributes.

The story’s heroine, Elizabeth Rew has a Cinderella like back story.  Her mom has died.  Her dad has remarried.  She has two-step sisters.  Her stepmom is not evil, but Elizabeth misses the closeness she had with her dad.  By good luck she is recommended for an after-school job at the repository by her history teacher, Mr. Mauskopf.

The repository is a grand and mysterious place. It is Tardis-like, bigger on the inside than the outside.  One of the most mysterious collections in the repository is the Grimm Collection.  If you have ever read any of the Grimm Fairy Tales you may know that some of the tales were bloody and gruesome.  It goes without saying that some of the items in the Grimm Collection are very dangerous.  Elizabeth and her friends discover that someone has been stealing items from the library and more worrisome items specifically from the Grimm Collection.

I love fairy tales!  Does Elizabeth use the magic cloak the soldier used to follow the dancing princess?  Does she use a pair of the dancing slippers?  When she and her friends discover the thief, what kind of magic will they deploy to foil him/her.  Read this book for yourself or read it to a young friend!  It is a very clever and fun read.


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