Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

peteshoesLitwin, Eric. Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes. Illustrated by James Dean.  New York: Scholastic,  2008.

A happening dude is Pete the Cat!
He’s relaxed, happy and quite laid back!
Does he get stressed and does he worry?
No siree and he doesn’t hurry.
He loves his shoes whatever color they are!
He knows they will take him far, far, far!

I think Pete the Cat is my new personal hero!  Everything is cool, groovy, awesome, and groovy for Pete.  As he says, “its all good.” He just keeps walking and singing his song.  This is a story for a house full of people who randomly break out into songs!

I have seen these books at the store, but I hadn’t opened one. I am regretful.  This book is so funny!  Sarah bought this book at the Scholastic Book Fair at school last week. She read it to her class and the kids read it along with her.  She reports that they loved it. She did have to caution them that they could only sing the verse with three lines.  I can see why.  Pete’s shoe song has been running through my head.  I like the tune we made up, but here is a link to the song referred to on the cover:  Both of them are very groovy and make me want to jive along with Pete!


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