Happy Jolabokaflod!

christmasevebooksHappy Christmas Book Flood

We are a family of readers.  Every year at Christmas, we give books as gifts and we get them as gifts in one form (print) or another (ebook).  We think a holiday cannot be celebrated properly without a good book.  This year, Sarah found an Icelandic holiday tradition, which will allow us to incorporate more reading into the holidays.  She found the Jolabokaflod and decided we needed to celebrate it this year.

Why is it called Christmas Book Flood?  This Icelandic tradition originated during World War II, when there was restrictions on currency and foreign imports. Paper was plentiful so books emerged as a popular Christmas present. In later years, Iceland didn’t have a large enough population to support a year round publishing industry so publishers flooded the market with new titles for sale in the last few weeks of the year¹.   From this book flood, the tradition of exchanging books and reading on Christmas Eve emerged.

For this new tradition at our home, the girls chose the books.  They are wrapped and ready for distribution this evening.  I can hardly wait to see what was chosen for me.  I was informed that eating chocolate (always a good idea) while you are reading is also a part of this holiday celebration. The chocolate bars are my contribution to this evening’s festivities.

So tonight by the light of our Christmas tree, we will be spending some quality time with family and good books!  This is a tradition, I can support!

If you want to read more about Jolabokaflod.  Check out these websites.



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