December 26: Jolabokaflod and Other Book Matters

bookflood_afterIt is the day after Christmas and there is peace in the house.  We had a delightful holiday.  We enjoyed each other’s company, delighted in each other gifts and ate until we were full (and then some).  We are fortunate to have our family home with us this year.

We enjoyed our Christmas Book Food (Jolabokaflod ) books.  If you saw my last post, you saw the wrapped books waiting for distribution on Christmas Eve.  Here is the stack after we opened them.  I love my daughters!  They put such careful thought into selecting just the right book for each of us. Sarah, with Alexis’ help, chose the books for everyone except herself.  Alexis chose the book for Sarah. I provided the chocolate, but we were too full to eat it.

Jim received Death Wave by Ben Bova. He was delighted with this selection for his reading pleasure.  Ben Bova, a master of science fiction is one of his favorite authors.

Jim’s sister, Mary received a copy of the graphic novel Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier. She has a hard time reading, but she loved this novel.  She took it to bed to read.

Alexis likes Neil Gaiman and graphic novels.  Her gift was a graphic version of Gaiman’s Coraline.  It is a beautiful book and Alexis is savoring it.

Sarah wanted a mystery, light and fun.  Alexis made a trip to the book store to discover Leslie Budewitz’s Assault and Pepper (A Spice Shop Mystery). Sarah, must be enjoying this book as she has been reading it nonstop, when she hasn’t been sleeping. I am hoping she will share it with me, when she is finished reading it.

I saved the best for last, my book!  Sarah found me The Complete Father Brown Stories by G.K. Chesterton!  We have been watching the Father Brown Mysteries on our local PBS station.  I remarked how much I liked them and that I had read a few of them in the past.  I am delighted with Father Brown!

I received one more book bonus under the tree this year.  It is a game called Bring Your Own Book, The Game of Borrowed Phrases.  You can find out more about this game on this website:  Here’s what is written on the back of the box.

Your old favorite book is now your new favorite game!  Draw a category card, grab a book and then quickly skim to satisfy the chose prompt (and the judge!) with the most entertaining phrase.  Can you find a “ridiculous tabloid headline” in that latest best-selling novel? How about “dating advice” in your well-worn cookbook? Since you can use any book, you can play with any group and find limitless potential on every page!

It is a wonderful game!  We played two rounds this afternoon.  We played with Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, Ree Drummond’s Dinnertime, and Ray Bradbury’s The Toynbee Convector.  It was marvelous fun even if I didn’t either of the rounds.


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