Popcorn – A Book for National Popcorn Day

popcornAsch, Frank.  Popcorn. New York: Parents’ Magazine Press, 1979.

To celebrate National Popcorn Day I offer you this story.  It is one of Frank Asch’s delightful Bear stories.  Mama and Papa Bear go to a Halloween Party.  They leave Sam at home and promise him a treat when they return. He decides he needs a party.  He calls his friends and asks them to come in costume and bring a treat.  What treat does everyone bring?  They bring unpopped popcorn!

Can you imagine what happens after they put a large pot on the stove and begin to pop the corn?  Oh, my what a mess! The house is buried in popcorn.  This reminds me of Big Anthony’s disaster with Strega Nona’s pasta pot. Sam and Big Anthony have to clean up by eating all of their mess.  Fortunately, Sam has friends to help him! Does he get the house cleaned up before his parents come home?  What do you think his treat was?

When I was teaching preschool, I had to keep a bulletin board updated.  I chose to devote it to authors.  Every couple of weeks I would change my bulletin board to a new author, whose last name matched the letter of the alphabet we were studying.  Frank Asch was my choice for the letter A.  My preschoolers loved this bear story and all the other Bear stories I read to them.  I am sure we shared some popcorn at snack time after all you can’t read about popcorn without eating some, can you?

Frank Asch

It sounds to me like Frank Asch is a lucky, hardworking man.  He published is first story before he graduated from college with a BFA in painting. Here are 5 things you might or might not know about this author.

  1. His heroes were his big brother, Roy Rogers, Bob Dylan, Maurice Sendak, and Billé Pickard Pritchard.
  2. His favorite authors are Jack London and James Thurber. I love James Thurber.
  3. He collaborated on a book with Russian author, Vladimir Vagin. Mr. Asch has received the Russian National Book award.
  4. He lives in Vermont. He leads a group meditation on Sundays.
  5. His son Devlin is also an illustrator and they have collaborated on books together.

You can read more about this author/illustrator on these websites.


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