My Five Senses

Book cover of my five senses by AlikiAliki. My Five Senses. New York: A Harper Trophy Book, 1989.

It makes me thoughtful when I peruse my bookshelf these days.  I haven’t had small children under my care in a long time.  While I am thankful that my girls are grown and on their own, I do miss having a good story and a snuggle of an evening with one of them.

I bought this wonderful book about our senses for a class I taught a long time ago.  I needed a book to read about our senses.  This was an excellent choice at the time.  It is simply illustrated.  It had good concrete examples.  It also made a connection about how we use all our senses together.  Here is an example.

When I laugh and play with my puppy,
I use four senses.
I see, hear, smell, and touch.

If you need a book to explain the senses to your child you might consider looking for this one.

Here’s a poem I wrote to celebrate the wonders of our senses.

I Love to Use My Senses

I love to use my eyes to see,
The world is wide and full of mystery!
I love to use my nose to smell,
Although sometimes it works too well!
I love to use my tongue to taste,
I never let chocolate ice cream go to waste.
I love to use my fingers to touch,
Smooth, rough, hot, cold, prickly, but not too much!


There aren’t any extensive online biographies about this prolific artist and author.  I have enjoyed her works for many years.  If you want to know a little something about this author, you can visit these websites.


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